Guiltless. Non-GMO. And full of great flavor.

If there's one thing we've always believed in, it's you - our customers. Helping you to eat better one snack at a time is the whole reason why we're here. And that explains why we've reformulated our Guiltless Gourmet products to be non-GMO.

GMO stands for genetically-modified organisms, plants that have been modified or engineered in a lab. How does it work? Scientists insert genes into the DNA of a food plant. But research has shown that this random process is disrupting the function of other genes in the plant and creating new proteins and toxins that have never been in the food supply. Putting aside the scientific mumbo-jumbo for a moment, GMO is creating something that is not found in nature. And though the health consequences are still largely unknown, some findings have found:

That is not what you want to out of a snack chip. And that's not what we want to give our customers. So we've made it our mission to eliminate GMO from our product line.

But as always with Guiltless Gourmet, just because we're making our products healthier doesn't mean we're eliminating their great taste. Each crunchy chip will still burst with fabulous flavor - that's fabulously free of GMO.