In the beginning, there were snacks. Although tasty, they certainly weren't the best things for you.

In 1989, Doug Foreman decided to change all of that.

Doug, a 32 year-old entrepreneur and snack food enthusiast from Austin, Texas, was told by his doctor to stop eating so many tortilla chips. His fat and cholesterol levels were through the roof. This left Doug with a serious conundrum to consider - how to shovel salsa into his mouth without the aid of tasty tortilla chips?

So Doug assembled a small group and set out to prove a fundamental truth that had been forgotten - Good Food Tastes Good! Yet as true as this is, the first Guiltless Gourmet® chips were not quite as fabulous as those you can buy today.

With an initial investment of $200, Guiltless Gourmet was born in Doug's kitchen. Tortillas were sliced with a pizza cutter, baked in a small pizza oven and put into hand decorated clear bags. The concept was so exciting and novel that despite these initial shortcomings, local grocery stores ordered the product the first day Doug dropped by unannounced to show his new creation.

Doug knew that the chips were clearly more "Guiltless" than "Gourmet" and a change needed to be made. Guiltless Gourmet chips would henceforth be made with stone ground corn and not just from sliced tortillas. He also added a mist of high-oleic canola oil to enhance the flavor and help the seasonings adhere, while also lowering your cholesterol.

And speaking of seasonings, there was a veritable explosion of fabulous flavors to follow.

Mucho Nacho, Chili Lime, Blue Corn, Chipotle, and Spicy Black Bean on Blue Corn Tortilla chips were soon flying off shelves all across America.

Having always been a fan of skinny dipping, we also have a line of fat free dips. The combination of stone ground corn crunch and full-flavored, fat free dips sure did make a splash. In fact our Spicy Black Bean Dip quickly became the best selling (and tasting) black bean dip in the land and was mentioned in the "5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook: Cooking Light". Not to mention, we also received the prestigious "Best Dip" award from Men's Health as part of their Nutrition Awards.

While there may be no end to the options, at least you now know the beginning.